COVID-19 has devastated the lives of many.  While so many people are risking their own lives to save others, how can you help?

  1. Stay home - The virus can’t live without hosts.  While it doesn’t seem like much, staying home prevents the virus from spreading.  Not only are you saving your own life but the lives of others.
  2. MAP International - Donations can help provide medical supplies to hospital workers domestically and internationally.  Not only are supplies given to hospitals but also to families in need.  To read more about this wonderful organization, click here.
  3. American Red Cross - Are you a COVID-19 survivor?  If so, the Red Cross needs your help.  Donating your plasma can provide the antibodies to a severely ill COVID-19 patient.  There is no cure for COVID-19 but the antibodies can help the immune system fight the virus.  Can you help to save a life?
  4. Food Banks - With the sudden halt in the economy, families need your help!  Donate to your local food bank by using the Food Bank finder.  Your donation can save lives within your own community!
  5. Medical Teams International - Due to updated health restrictions, medical supply donations are not accepted from individuals.  But monetary donations are accepted.  Your money supports the distribution of PPE to hospitals.  It also funds drive-thru COVID testing.
  6. Universities - Vaccines are being developed by universities while providing education about COVID-19.  Monetary donations are being accepted to fund their research efforts.
  7. Help New York - Governor Cuomo is requesting help for New York.  Click here to learn more.
  8. Foster a Dog - Due to state-imposed quarantines in most states, animal shelters are in need.  Quarantine doesn’t have to be lonely when you can have the company of a new friend.  Help animals by fostering a dog.  If interested in fostering, search for the nearest animal shelter to fill out an online application.  For more information about what is fostering, click here.

While COVID isn't over yet, there are many ways you can help to flatten the curve.  Not only can you help those with the biggest need but also your immediate community.