Based out of Seattle, Wee Wee Frenchie started after I met a boy who had a French bulldog named Cooper.  After spending months hanging out with Cooper, I realized I wanted my own Frenchie family.  Phoenix and Syre completed my Frenchie squad of brindle boys.  But what started off as fun evolved into more.

Shortly after adopting Phoenix, his health problems became evident.  Starting at 7 months old, Phoenix almost died from a polyp blocking his larynx.  Vets stated that this condition was only seen in senior dogs, not youth.

Phoenix went on to survive more health issues such as:

  • severe weight loss
  • regurgitation issues
  • food allergies
  • many episodes of aspiration pneumonia
  • liver enzyme elevations
  • lymphangiectasia
  • irritable bowel syndrome

Phoenix knows he will never be a “normal” puppy.  That was robbed from him a long time ago.  But I do try to give him a normal life where he can be himself.

When times were tough, Phoenix enrolled in puppy school.  Often vomiting through most of his classes, Phoenix never lost focus.  He wanted to prove he was a good pup, even if his health was poor.  Not only did he excel but Phoenix graduated with the highest honor, Good Canine Citizen.

Despite Phoenix's good behavior during vet appointments, the vets weren't so kind.  We often found ourselves the target of negative remarks and hurried out the door.

Blaming Phoenix's issues on the "breed" wasn't solving his problems.  Tearful and frustrated, I wasn't going to give up on my dog who depended on me to keep him healthy.

It has taken us almost 2 years but we finally formed “Team Phoenix.”  Our team consists of 3 vets from different specialties.  Every team member brings different knowledge to Phoenix's case, and it is working.

People are finally listening to us and to our story!

It has been a long road to get Phoenix to his "normal."  But after enduring hundreds of vet visits, we are learning what works for him.

This blog is for you!

We share our struggles, in hopes to prevent one dog and his family from having to suffer the pain we've endured.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or to share your story with us.  We want to build a community with you and be a part of your life.

Never give up, despite any odds you’re up against.  You are your dog’s voice, and together you are an stoppable team!  We believe in you!