When it comes to winter safety, we’ve got you covered!

Wintertime brings short days and longer, dark nights.  By the time I get home from work, night time has already set in.  How do I make my dog more visible in the dark so that drivers slow down and don’t hit us?

We have written blogs about improving dog safety when walking in the dark but we have found one more item to add to that list.  Only a few weeks ago, I received my latest dog item, the Pupreme Reflective Spaceman dog jacket.  While it isn’t a coat, it is a thick polyester material that will keep the cold out.

It has a 6 point toggle system to keep the jacket snug in all the right places.  A mesh underside serves as the jacket lining. Velcro closures makes it easy to secure the coat.

While the jacket is charcoal gray, it has a reflective undertone that creates a shimmer when it moves.

But the best part is when the jacket turns a reflective white when lights illuminate it.  While your dog looks like a ghost on his walk, he's completely visible to drivers and pedestrians.

Walking with a flashlight and illuminating your dog helps to increase safety.  Drivers see you before they get close.

Compared to an LED harness, only a small amount of fabric brightens your dog.  This jacket allows your whole dog to glow in the dark

If purchasing, sellers warn to buy 1 size larger than expected.  This is due to the item being hand-cut.

How do you get this coat for your dog?  That is the hard part.

There are only a few sellers who carry this item, and most ship from China with a 14-40 day shipping period.  But this jacket is worth the wait.

The jacket can be purchased from the following sellers but the logo and pricing can vary.

  • Pawmain, Interstellar Windbreaker, $65
  • Paws Circle, Reflective Spaceman Jacket, $39.90

Safety always comes first when walking your dog in the dark.  Drivers are more distracted than ever but you can take steps to improve visibility of your dog.  All you need is the right jacket and a bright flash light.