Reiki is a spiritual guided energy healing. It can help relieve past traumas and allow energy flow throughout the body. Each treatment focuses on the body, mind, and spirit. By using gentle touch and energy, reiki can promote relaxation and reduce stress. A session can uncover emotions like feelings of overwhelm, unworthiness, and depression. And through reiki, those feelings are cleared to help restore balance and harmony.

Energy healing is safe to use regardless of illness or severity of health condition. Everyone, including animals, can have a health benefit with reiki.

Reiki can help with any health condition and can be especially useful in the following:

  • Cancer
  • Pain
  • Digestion
  • Stress
  • Inflammation

Reiki sessions can be performed online or in-person. During the session, your pet may feel sensations in the body from energy movement. But usually pets will fall asleep or nap.

Our Experience

My dog, Phoenix, has many health conditions, as well as vet visits, procedures, and surgeries. Over the past year, he has had increasing aggression towards his animal siblings. When I tried to discuss his aggression with vets, I was dismissed.

Vets blamed Phoenix's chronic health issues as the cause of his poor behavior. I was left feeling frustrated and confused. I wondered how could I help my dog cope better without giving away his animal siblings.

Animal behavior specialists also turned us away. They stated Phoenix's health issues caused his aggression. Behavior therapy wouldn’t be an option until his health issues were fixed.

My dog’s health issues were chronic conditions so behavior therapy would never be an option.

On a whim, I decided to enroll Phoenix in a reiki session. The session was performed online. Phoenix needed to be kept calm and relaxed during the treatment. In other words, Phoenix relaxed on an oversized pet bed with a heating pad (his favorite).

During Phoenix’s first session, he stayed calm and napped during most of his 30 minute session. A few times, he sat up and looked around the room but fell back asleep.

The notes from his session stated the following:

  • Significant trauma to respiratory tracks - removed blockages to promote improved airflow and ease congestion
  • Inflammation relieved from liver area
  • Energetic extractions relieved emotional energy and trauma from past surgeries - cleared attachments that are impacting his behavior towards other dogs (like his animal siblings)
  • Cleared stagnation in the body from various emotions: unworthy, overwhelm, pride, humiliation, despair, lack of control, worthless, and fear

And after one reiki session, Phoenix has been more calm and tolerant of his animal siblings. He hasn’t shown any signs of aggression. He has been carefree, playful, and even snuggles with his animal siblings.

It has been amazing to see how one reiki session helped Phoenix get a new life balance. Not only is he happier but his animal siblings are delighted with the change. There have been many play sessions, zoomies, and lots of cuddles without any aggressive outbursts.

After so many health struggles, reiki has given us hope. It has helped both Phoenix and I start to create a balance and help us focus on stress management.

If you’ve been struggling with a similar situation with your pet, reiki is worth a try. It is very affordable and some pet insurances reimburse for visits. Sessions can be done virtually, which prevents stress of a new environment.

You don’t have to understand reiki in order for it to work. Whether you’re looking to improve mood or reduce symptoms of an illness, reiki can be very beneficial.

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