Although not an issue for Cooper, anxiety around holidays or events that involve fireworks can be an issue for our furbabies.  What are a few ways to calm down our pets and ease their stressful situation?

  1. Thunder Shirts for pets, which applies consistent and equal pressure to the canine, which helps to create a calming effect.
  2. Play classical music but at a gentle volume to help reduce stress.
  3. Create a safe space for the pet, which may be a small, enclosed space like a closet.  Small, comfortable spaces, that a pet can claim as their own, can be stress relieving especially if the area has a pet bed, a sheet or blanket, and a few of their familiar stuffed animals or toys.  Try to find a space in the middle of the house, farther away from windows, which will help to reduce disruptive, unfamiliar sounds.
  4. Exercise pet during the day in hopes that pet will be “too tired to care” during the evening.
  5. When all else fails, try cannabis!  You heard correctly!  Cannabis can calm nerves of our canine friends, and it is available in liquid, capsules, and as biscuits.