And despite all the medications and food consults, he was still in agony.  But then someone told us about Animal Biome, a product that helps to restore your pet’s gut health.

Gut health is often overlooked when problems arise with your pet’s health.  If there’s an imbalance in the gut microflora, it can create problems throughout the rest of the body.  Some of these problems are exactly what my dog experienced, such as:

  • weight loss
  • skin issues
  • diarrhea
  • poor immune system

The gut microbiome can have deficiencies and overgrowth within the microflora. These imbalances need to be fixed in order for your pet to regain their health.

Animal Biome helps you identify problem areas in the gut flora using a stool analysis test.  Send in a small stool sample, and within a few weeks, you will have a full analysis of your pet’s microbiome.

If your pet has a “slight imbalance,” replenishing the gut flora can be as simple as a diet change.

But if your pet has a “moderate to severe imbalance,” more changes are needed.  A severe imbalance means a large amount of unhealthy bacteria are present.  And good bacteria are in low supply.

Restoring the gut biome is accomplished using Animal Biome's fecal transplant capsules.  These capsules help to restore the microbiome more effectively than probiotics.  Diet changes and extra supplements may also be recommended.

Use Animal Biome for 30 days, then retest your pet’s stool.  If the microbiome is still imbalanced, another round of Animal Biome may be used.

Our Experience

Before using Animal Biome, Phoenix was suffering from diarrhea and regurgitation.  He was refusing many of his medications and sometimes his meals. Vets didn’t know what else to suggest other than more medication.  And going to see our holistic vet for acupuncture was impossible due to COVID closures.  Out of desperation, we tried Animal Biome.

Within a few days, Phoenix’s regurgitation episodes reduced from 8-10x/day to 1-2x/day.  He began regaining interest in his meals.  By week 3, he was having more formed stools.

But the big changes didn’t happen until 2 weeks after completing Animal Biome. Phoenix finally had his first formed stool in almost 2 years!  His regurgitation episodes reduced to 1 episode every few weeks.  And he was able to try new foods without throwing up!

This occurred 2 weeks after finishing Round 1 of Animal Biome.Phoenix's first formed stool in 2 years!

Animal Biome has also helped Phoenix get fuller, more shiny and softer fur.  He is starting to put weight on, which is a good thing.  His skin and eyes are no longer red-tinged.  And he’s full of energy, often hopping across the room rather than walking.  Phoenix has his life back again!

Despite Phoenix's progress, he still has a long way to go.  His stool test still showed major deficiencies in his microbiome, and he's now on round 2 of Animal Biome.

Regardless of how long it takes, we’re happy to have found Animal Biome!  Their help and expertise has given Phoenix a new life and better health.  It’s also allowed us more time together and decreased vet visits.

Find more information at  As always, make sure to talk to your veterinarian before making changes to your pet’s regimen.